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We're passionate about using the best produce we can find. It's a long journey finding the best suppliers and we're far from perfect yet, but we are genuinely putting a huge effort into finding you the best local, ethical and affordable produce. Our meat comes from Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and the West country.

Fish is a massive issue for us at the moment. It's a hugely complicated area and we will have more details on what we have been doing and why as soon as we have finalised our supply chain.

We want to reduce the miles your food travels before it reaches your plate, since that's better for your food and better for the environment with transport implications and all that stuff. Most of our meats are prepared in our kitchen and roasted on the bone for extra flavour, most of our bread is made and baked on site, as is our pasta, our chips are peeled and fried from a real potato!... like we say, it's work in progress and we're not perfect yet, but we're trying hard!

Our main menu is served from noon until 10pm seven days per week.

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