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Our Philosophy

We love quality, but hate formality, so we created the Urban Beach. We think people should be able to sleep in really good quality comfy rooms, should be able to enjoy delicious, but unpretentious local and seasonal food, and we believe in serving only the finest quality beverages in our bar, from our triple certified and delicious coffee, to our many homemade products such as cola syrup and fresh tonic for our cocktails.

We believe you should be able to have and do all this, without wearing a suit, or even a tie. We think when you go away, or go out for food and drink, you should feel really relaxed, and not awkward. We believe in nice wine, but don't think you need to have a masters in grape varieties to justify your enjoyment. We believe life is fun, and work should be fun too, but ultimately everybody should be professional and polite. We believe in treating our customers like our friends, with morals, and ethics. We believe in working hard, and being rewarded for doing so. We believe you need to feel the sand between your toes, and the waves tickling your feet, and the warmth of the sun on your neck. We believe in happiness.

Urban Beach Hotel, Bar and Bistro