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Prior to opening The Urban Beach Hotel (which took a couple of years to renovate), Mark spent six years in senior management positions in the hospitality and leisure industry in London. You'll often see him about the place, but if he's not here he'll be down at sister venue, The Urban Reef restaurant (it's just a short five minute walk down the hill). Mark is basically in charge of making sure that you like the Urban Beach, whatever it takes. Do say hello to him if you see him, he likes a good chinwag.


Head of entertainment! Colin was born to play and loves taking corners very fast, particularly on wooden floors (well, he takes corners a little slower nowadays). If you don't like cats, we'll keep him hidden away, but most people seem to fall in love with him and he's proud to be the most photographed member of the team. He is a big fan of lying on the stairs on check-in day to make carrying luggage that little bit more 'interesting'.


Right hand man to the boss man, Chris is our General Manager. He's actually a trained actor and has been in a few TV shows, as well as having made appearances in the west end! Chris has been in the hospitality industry for the past 10 or so years, running restaurants and bars across the south coast and has been a part of the Urban family for about two years now. He said he loves working for a company that cares and where customer service is paramount. Cheers Chris, or is that just some of your acting talk...? ;)


We were lucky enough to meet Helen a couple of years ago when she was on her hospitality management degree, she did some work experience with us, was rather fab, so we kept her on! Helen is now one of our Duty Managers and is charge of our hotel rooms. Helen has always worked in restaurants and just loves the industry. She told us that she loves working at Urban Beach as she enjoys the passion that goes into everything - the team always try to go the extra mile to make things happen for customers.


Anna is seriously bubbly! She also has the most colourful clothes and coolest glasses. Anna has experience working in bars and coffee shops in Brighton, London, Manchester and Greece! She is currently studying Illustration and Dress Making at university and is also one of our Duty Managers, what a busy little bee! Anna told us she fell in love with Urban Beach when one of her course mates introduced her to us, she then made it her mission to get a job with us. Well we are pleased you did Anna!


Well, Jane can literally be said to have been around at the birth of Urban having actually produced Mark Cribb one day back in 1975! Jane looks after some very grown up stuff now like making sure all the team get paid (she's very popular for that one!), as well as doing the banking, but her favourite job is being the resident florist. Jane is responsible for the lovely window and table flower displays that you can see throughout the year. They brighten up the bistro like Jane's smile lights up the room!


You'll know if you've seen Tara about the place as she has the biggest smile EVER! If you should happen to bump into her and she's not smiling, then someone must have upset her ;) Tara just loves to clean, in fact, she's obsessed with cleaning. If she's not cleaning at Urban Beach, Tara can be found at home doing the cleaning. She's pretty darn good at it too as she has done it as a job for the past 18 or so years. Tara told us she loves working at Urban Beach because it's very individual and has lots of lovely touches like the cushions and throws on the beds. Plus, Tara does most of the work on her own so she can clean it just the way she likes!

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