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The Urban Farm

We're obsessed with trying to find the very best local and ethical produce, so obsessed in fact that we've even started to grow our own. We've rented some land out in the New Forest and have started building our very own 'Urban Farm'.

Here we really learn about: seasonality, the freshest produce, what makes the best basil for a pesto, or the best mint for a mojito, or the best tomato for a salad, or the freshest rhubarb for a cocktail coulis, or why it's worth waiting 1,000 days to harvest our very own asparagus!

Take a look at some of our images of the farm here or follow our blog here. Even better, just come down to the Urban Reef and we'll put some field to chef in 20 minutes food right into your belly, you'll love it!

Seasonal produce we're currently harvesting on our farm:


Urban Reef Farm Produce


Urban Reef Farm Produce

Jerusalem artichoke

Urban Reef Farm Produce

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