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VIP business lunch club

Here at Urban Beach we recognise that lunch is a very important part of the day, but we know that when you're a busy working person you don't always get chance to sit down and enjoy it. When you do get to sit down you probably only get an hour, which isn't really very long at all! So to try and make lunchtimes that little bit lovelier for you, we've come up with our very own VIP lunch club.

Here are some of the benefits of joining our club:

  • Upon joining we'll give you 20% off of your meal and drinks for that day. If you don't have time to eat with us then don't worry, we'll make a note and you can use your discount on your next visit.
  • Each time you come for a business lunch with us, just pick up the phone, give us a call and we'll be sure to save you a table, so there's no messing around on your arrival. We'll even take a pre-order off of you and your party to ensure your food is ready as soon as you walk through the door a sure fire way to maximise your hour off.
  • If you're too busy to sit down and you'd rather have a bit of lunch on the go, just call us up and we'll prepare something for you to take away.
  • You'll be able to enjoy a different lunch club offer every month too, just have a little look below to see the offers we're running throughout the year.
  • We can even arrange an invoice system, so if you've got lots of business lunches to go to on behalf of your company, we can be sure they get to pay the bill and not you. If they're happy to do so of course! ;)

So there you have it, a few reasons to join the club. If you're interested in becoming a part of it all you need to do is email: and we'll be sure to make you your very own VIP lunch club card.

Monthly VIP lunch club offers -

February: Soup & a sandwich for 5

March: Free tea & coffee with your lunch

April: Complimentary slice of 'Kay's cake'

May: Complimentary homemade Urban Pomms to welcome in the summer

June: Complimentary Urban smoothie

July: Free soft drink of your choice with your lunch

August: Free tea & coffee with your lunch

September: Soup & sandwich for 5

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