Keeping our footprint as small as possible, we’re doing what we can to reduce energy usage and waste.

We love the world, it’s amazing and we don’t want to break it. We respect it. At the very least we won’t make it worse and we’ll try hard to make it even better. We consider it in everything we do. Here at the Urban Beach we recognise the responsibility we have to the environment and believe that our actions, however small they might be, impact on the environment. It is easy to think that as a small hotel the effect we have is minimal, and that changes we make will not influence the future of the environment. However, if everyone does their little bit, there could be very positive change helping the world to remain a wonderful place and plentiful in resources. We also feel that it is important to tell our lovely customers what we do, want to achieve and how we are going to do it. This way we can stay in check and make sure that we are always upholding our commitment to the environment and continually improving our efforts. The aims:

  • To accept responsibility for our impact on the environment and to ensure we are undertaking measures to limit this.
  • To continuously improve upon our commitment to the maintenance of the environment.
  • To raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage positive changes in behaviour in customers, suppliers and colleagues.
  • To communicate to our staff, guests and suppliers our sustainable actions and promote best environmental practice in everyone.
  • Put in place measures to monitor, target and improve upon our sustainable activities.

More specifically we:

  • Responsibly source fish; we only source fish that is in season and is from sustainable sources. We do not buy fish from the fish to avoid list and we only use Marine Stewardship Council fish in our fish and chips and fish cakes recipes.
  • We source local produce from nearby growers when it is in season, as well as making use of our own farm and kitchen herb garden. Track what is growing on the Urban Farm at Sopley, New Forest.
  • Offer a selection of free range, high welfare, organic and fairly traded products.
  • Provide products which have been farmed to the highest quality standards.
  • Paper products are procured from sustainable sources.
  • We reduce, reuse or recycle where ever possible any waste that is produced is dealt with in the most ecological way.
  • Continuously monitor our energy consumption and set targets to reduce the amount we consume.
  • Create and maintain strong relationships with our suppliers and encourage them to operate in a sustainable manner.
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues.
  • Provide staff with training on environmental issues and products.
  • We are transparent and honest with our customers and the team.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, local produce and the independent hospitality business – check out the Humans of Hospitality podcast. It’s hosted by founder of the Urban Guild – Mark Cribb – and you’ll get to hear from the producers of ingredients and the people who combine those ingredients to bring you new dishes and drinks.

Each week brings a new inspiring story. Through it you’ll learn about the challenges facing independent businesses in this sector, from excruciatingly tight profit margins to tackling competitors such as Deliveroo and UberEats.


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