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An update for anyone with a hotel room booking

Thanks for your understanding and patience

An update from our General Manager

Forgive my explanation but I believe in being as transparent as possible. The hospitality sector as a whole in Bournemouth is reliant on good weather and tourists visiting. We operate Urban Beach over the quietest months of Winter at a loss and are supported by our busy times of Spring & Summer, that then sustain us again through the following Winter. We just came out of a very tough Winter due to the many major storms hitting our coastal town, off the back of Brexit uncertainty, and that left us with the most challenging Winter’s trading in our history. 

Just as we ramped up into Spring with a fully booked hotel for Mother’s Day, the sunshine returning, and the clocks about to change, Covid-19 arrived.  This has hit our cashflow hard as over the course of a few days the Government went from advising people not to visit bars and restaurants, to closing them, to shutting the hotel.  We obviously support this decision for the safety of all.  The support from the community here in Bournemouth, as well as from previous guests far and wide, has been overwhelming and we feel so loved by our community.

With over 100 team members across our 3 venues, our first priority has been to try and pay them all for the month of March, despite the lack of revenue.  This has been a challenge, but we have paid out over £100k to try and keep them safe.  Alas, the accounts are now dry and without government support, we cannot afford to make any more payments to our team.

With all this in mind trying to refund all customers with future reservations at Urban Beach is challenging to say the least.  If you could help us out, by either changing the date of your reservation now or allowing us to hold your reservation open to be re-booked in the future at a time of your choice, we’d be exceptionally grateful. If that’s not possible, but you could wait for the Government support to kick in that would also be helpful.  A rebate on some of our payroll costs is the most likely time, currently provisionally the end of April.  There is also a possibility that the banks may support with Business Interruption loans.  This is not yet clear.

Please rest assured we plan to reopen and trade our way out of our current predicament. We have been operating for 15 years and are certainly not ready to give up yet.  If you can help us along the journey, it would be appreciated.  We’ll even shout you a few cocktails or a bottle of vino on us by way of thanks when you do finally get to stay.  If you are really in financial hardship please send some details to me and we’ll try a garage sale and find a way to look after you.  We’re all in it together, but we’re confident we’ll come out the other side.  Thanks for your understanding and I very much hope to be able to welcome you to Urban Beach soon.

For now, stay safe, look after each other and we’ll see you on the other side.

Mark, General Manager


Owner, future gazer

10 years ago Fee and I first opened the doors to the Urban Beach Hotel. I now spend most of my time in the future looking for new exciting things to give some Urban Guild love to.

10 years ago Fee and I first opened the doors to the Urban Beach Hotel. I now spend most of my time in the future looking for new exciting things to give some Urban Guild love to.


Urban Beach


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Wednesday - 1000-2300 (food until 10)

Thursday - 0800-2300 (food until 10)

Friday - 0800-2300 (food until 10)

Saturday - 0800-2300 (food until 10)

Sunday -  0800-2000 (food until 6)

Whether you're popping in for a Sunday lunch with family, a bite to eat with friends or a romantic dinner for two, you can book a table or a room with us.



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Urban Beach Hotel Ltd. 23 Argyll Road, Bournemouth, BH5 1EB.

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