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Our buzzing bar is the perfect place to unwind, spend time with friends or get mixing your favourite tipple.

Drink it all in

Our most valued opinions are yours and with personal mixologists who love nothing more than to dazzle and tantalise your taste buds, we can be sure to find a liquid refreshment to suit your every need. So whatever your tipple, be it alcoholic or not… we assure you it shall be intoxicating.

We close our Hotel Bar at 11pm. This is to create the perfect, tranquil surroundings that our boutique hotel inspires, so all our lovely guests get a good night’s sleep. 

Our wine list

White wine

El Volquete Verdejo, Spain. 125ml: 3.75 | 175ml: 5 | 250ml: 6.75 | Bottle: 19.5
Attractive dry wine with soft fruits, floral aromas, and a crisp finish.

Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC, Italy. 175ml: 5.5 | 250ml: 7.25 | Bottle: 21
Light and leafy with a hint of pear and blossom.

Kalso Grillo, Italy. 175ml: 5.75 | 250ml: 7.5 | Bottle: 22
Expressive aromas with citrus, peach and a rich fresh finish.

Pecorino Contesa, Italy. 175ml: 6.5 | 250ml: 8.5 | Bottle: 25
Minerally with delicate aromas of acacia blossom and melon.

Arhora Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand. 175ml: 7.25 | 250ml: 9.75 | Bottle: 28
Lively, fresh cut grass nose with zippy kiwi fruit.

Hen Pecked Picpoul de Pinet, France. Bottle: 26
Bright and with plenty of citrusy fruit. 

Brampton Unoaked Chardonnay, South Africa Bottle: 28
Citrus and lime with a hint of pear, peach and winter melon. 

Falanghina La Guardinese, Italy. Bottle: 32
Dry white with crystallised orange and kumquat. 

Domaine Bieville Chablis, Burgundy, France. Bottle: 38                                                  Lime aromas and flavours: bone dry, minerally but supple.  

Rose wine

Pinot Grigio Blush, Galeotti, Italy. 175ml: 5.5 | 250ml: 7.25 | Bottle: 21.5                    Beautiful colour and soft red fruit flavours. 

La Serenite Cuvee L’Ame Rose, Vin de France. 175ml: 6.25 | 250ml: 8.5 |        Bottle: 24                                                                                                                          Silky with intense aromas of raspberry and blackberry. 

Lou by Peyrassol Cotes de Provence Rosé , France. Bottle: 32                                    Pale pink colour with bluish reflections. Spicy notes with many small red fruits and Peach Melba, with citrus notes at the end. 

Red wine

El Volquete Tempranillo, Spain. 125ml: 3.75 | 175ml: 5 | 250ml: 6.75 | Bottle: 19.5
Aromas of ripe red fruits and spicy notes. 

Barton & Guestier Merlot Reserve, Vin de Franc. 175ml: 5.75 | 250ml: 7.5 | Bottle: 22.5
Delicate coffee and toasty aromas and red berry flavours. 

La Serenite Cuvee La Terre, Vin de France. 175ml: 6.25 | 250ml: 8.5 | Bottle: 24
From Mediterranean vineyards, this red is rich in flavour. 

Primitivo Rosso IGT Caleo, Italy.  175ml: 6.75 | 250ml: 9.5 | Bottle: 27
Ruby red with violet highlights. A boquet of dates and red fruit. 

Zapa Malbec, Argentina.  175ml: 7.25 | 250ml: 9.75 | Bottle: 28
Soft elegant and persistent, with a pinch of fruit and spice. 

Vistamar Andes, Cabernet Sauv Carmenere, Chile. Bottle: 29
Aromas of ripe blueberries, with a touch of rosemary and cedar.

Bodegas Mateos Rioja Navaldar Crianza, Spain. Bottle: 30
Classic Aussie, peppery spice, full bodied.

Berton Reserve Barossa Valley Shiraz, Australia. Bottle: 30
Powerful and complex, including ripe black cherries and hints of spice.

Le Moulin Rose de Malescasse Haut, Bordeaux. Bottle: 40
Well-ripened forest fruits are complemented by subtly toasted notes. Drink with roast beef and cured meats. 

Champagne & Sparkling 

Mano di Fiori, Italy. 125ml: 5.5 | Bottle: 28                                                                        This beautiful prosecco has light, crisp and refeshing flavours of green apple, acacia blossom and apricot. 

Beau Rocher, France Brut Rose. Bottle: 29                                                                        Pink sparkling wine – with a vivacious mousse and good length. 

Hattingley Valley Reserve Cuvee, England. Bottle: 48                                                    Hedgerow flowers, green fruit, oak aged and characteristic toasty flavour. 

Laurent Perrier La Cuvee – Champagne – N.V. Bottle: 65                                                Medium bodied and very easy on the palate. Perfectly balanaced a soft mouthfeel belies the strong structure of the wine. Finishes clean yet delicatley lingers.  


Hobgoblin 5%  Half pint: 2.5 | Pint: 5 
Pale Ale 

Revisionist 4% Half pint: 2.2 | Pint: 4.4 
Great British Lager 

Estrella Damm 4.6% Half pint: 2.55 | Pint: 5.1
Premium lager, Barcelona 

Hop House 13 5% Half pint: 2.4 | Pint: 4.8
Double-hopped lager made from Dublin 

Guinness 4.3% Half pint: 2.6 | Pint: 5.2 
Irish stout, often copied, never bettered 

Open Gate Citra IPA 5% Half pint: 2.5 | Pint: 5 
Citra packed IPA from Dublin 

Fourty Niner Ale 4.9% Half pint: 2.4 | Pint: 4.8
Ringwood brewery English pale ale 

Kingstone Press 4.7% Half pint: 2 | Pint: 4                                                                        Herefordshire Cider 

Kingstone Press Wild Berry 4% Half pint: 2.5 | Pint: 5
Herefordshire Cider 

Guest Ale – Our seasonal guest ale – please ask for more details 



Bottles & Cans

Peroni *Gluten Free* 5.1% Italy 330ml 3.8
Punk IPA 5.6% Scotland 330ml 5
Brahma 4.3% Brazil 330ml 3.6
Erdinger Isotonic 0% Germany 550ml 4.4 
Verdett Extra Blonde 4% Belgium 330ml 4.6 
Angel of the Marsh 5% Red ale, brewed with 8 Arch in Wimborne, Dorset 330ml 4.5                                                                                                                                            Dr Quartley 4% Oat pale ale, brewed with 8 Arch in Wimborne, Dorset 330ml 4.5  Gullivers 4.5% Wheat pale ale, brewed with 8 Arch in Wimborne, Dorset 330ml 4.5




Ketel 1 40% A great vodka from Holland, still made and owned by the Nolet family who taste every batch before it’s bottled 25ml: 3

Chase, Herefordshire 40% made with only two ingredients: potatoes from their own farm and water from their bore hole, making it the only true Single-Estate spirit in the UK 25ml: 5.5

Black Cow, Dorset 40% Made in West Dorset from cow’s milk, this has a lovely creamy texture 25ml: 3.4


Tanqueray 43% A real benchmark London Dry Gin, juniper up front with well-balanced, spicy backbone 25ml: 3

Conker, Dorset 40% made in Southbourne by our friend Rupert, using ten select botanicals with notes of elderberry, samphire and handpicked gorse flowers. 25ml:3.4

Thomas Dankin, Manchester 42%  25ml: 4

Roku Gin 44.8%  25ml: 4 


Pampero Blanco/ Especial 40% Our house white rum, from Venezuela, smooth and chocolatey. Aged for at least 2 years in oak casks, producing the sweet flavour 25ml: 3 

Havana 7 40%  25ml: 3.4 

Appleton 12 43%  25ml: 4 

Foursquare Premise 46%  25ml: 6 



Espolon Balnco/Reposado 40% Award winning tequila is aged in charred American oak barrels to give it a complex finish reminiscent of a bourbon style ageing 25ml: 4

Herradura 40%  Aged for 11 months in ex bourbon casks this is a great example of a gold tequila. A beautiful balance of vanilla and honey with some citrus notes and a little pepper 25ml: 5.5

Vida Mezcal 42%  25ml: 6 


Johnnie Walker Black Label 40% A blend of around 40 whiskies of 12 years or older, this was created to represent the very best from all corners of Scotland 25ml: 3

Compass Box Great King Street 43%  25ml: 4.6

Penderyn, Welsh 41%  25ml: 4.6 

Nikka Whisky from the barrel 51.4%  25ml: 6


Bulleit Bourbon 45% Crafted in small batches, this Kentucky straight Bourbon has loads of vanilla sweetness and a nice spicy rye backbone 25ml:3

Bulleit Rye 45% With a mashbill of 95% rye & 5% malted barley, it’s produced in small batches. An absolutely stunning rye 25ml: 4

Wild Turkey 101 50.5%  25ml: 4 

Blantons Special Reserve 40%  25ml: 6 





This list is our take some of your favourites.  Not sure what you want? Have a chat with your bartender and we’ll come up with something that’s just right for you!

Creole Sazerac 8 * “A tip of the hat to New Orleans, strong, complex, a perfect sundowner” Bulliet Rye | homemade Creole Shrub | bitters | Herbsaint 

Camomile & Port Sour 8 * “Sour, rich and moreish” Bulliet Bourbon | Chamomile | Ruby Port | Aquafaba 

Liberty Gold 9 * “Golden delicious, strong, crisp” Liberty Fields Apple Vodka | Cocchi Americano | Calvados 

Snicket’s Sling 8 * “Like Lemony Snicket, a drink true to any narrator” Tanquerey Gin | Gran Marnier | homemade Grenadine | lemon curd | apple | lime

*These four beauties are part of our 2 for 1 menu for Hug Club Members, Avaliable 5-7pm 

Urban Ting 8 “A nod to the Jamaican classic with our little twist” Wray & Nephew Rum | Chambord | lime | vanilla | Ting 

Wish you were here 8 “Brazils national cocktails tweaked with Dorset rhubarb and tarragon” Cachaca | lime | rhubarb | tarragon | postcard

Avo-another 8 “One of the ever changing recipes of a Mai Tai , so here’s ours” Pampero Especial | lime | pineapple | Grand Marnier | Avocado Pit Orgeot | dandelion

Pursuit of happiness 9 “Cosmpolitan? Cosmologist? A urban favourite revamped in style” Chase marmalade | orange | lemon | homemade cranberry vermouth | Prosecco 


Soft Drinks

Cola | Diet Cola | Lemonade  2.3
Lime & Soda | Elderflower & Soda 1.8
Orange Juice, freshly squeezed 2.9                                              Hill Farm Cloudy Apple Juice 2.9 
Isle of Wight Tomato juice 2.5 
Frobishers, fruit juices (bottle) Mango | Grapefruit | Pineapple 
Old Jamaica Fiery Ginger Beer (can) 1.9
Homemade Lemonade Original | Elderflower | Seasonal 2.9
Ting, Jamaican classic grapefruit juice (can)  1.9 

Hot Drinks

Our coffee is epic. It will make your day better. You’ll find it easier to open your eyes, easier to talk to people, easier to tolerate nonsense. Really, it should be prescribed on the NHS. Sourced and roasted by Bad Hand Coffee in Bournemouth. 

Espresso 2.2

Latte 2.8

Cappuccino 2.8

Flat White 2.8

Mocha 2.8 

Hot Chocolate 2.8 

Dorset Tea 2 Dorset Tea | Earl Grey | Green | Wild About Mint | Foraged Fruit | Ginger & Sunshine Lemon


Open seven days a week

Breakfast daily 8.00am - 11.30am     Food served 12.00pm - 10.00pm       Bar closes at 11.00pm

Breakfast daily 8.00am - 11.30am
Food served 12.00pm - 10.00pm
Bar closes at 11.00pm

Whether you're popping in for a Sunday lunch with family, a bite to eat with friends or a romantic dinner for two, you can book a table or a room with us.





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