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A relaxed, hearty, freshly-cooked to order, fills you up ’til lunch, kind of breakfast


Hotel Guests

If you booked direct and your room rate includes breakfast, please help yourself to the buffet and order from the menu below as you wish. If not, you can still tuck in but simply let your server know if you would prefer to pay separately, or add your breakfast on to your room bill and pay on departure. Enjoy your morning x

Full Guild 
Denhay DC bacon, Meadowbrook Cumberland sausage, baked beans, New Forest chestnut mushrooms, roasted tomato, Flambard’s free range eggs, charred Bakehouse 24 sourdough  8.50 

The Veggie Guild 
Book & Bucket smoked ‘squeeky’ cheese, Hants & Dorset seasonal greens, roasted tomato, New Forest chestnut mushrooms, baked beans, Flambard’s free range eggs, charred Bakehouse 24 sourdough 

The Urban Plant 
hash of New Forest chestnut mushrooms, roasted tomato, Hants & Dorset seasonal greens, sautéed caramelised onion & potato, cashew cheese, spiced seeds 8

Steak & Eggs
West Country 8oz rump steak, Flambard’s free range eggs, Dorset Watercress 14
Additions: home cut chips  or roasted tomato or New Forest chestnut mushrooms (+1.5). Guest breakfast supplement +10

Eggs Benedict
Wiltshire ham, Flambard’s free range eggs,
hollandaise sauce on toasted Bakehouse 24 sourdough 7.5 

Eggs Bourguignon
sauté of Denhay DC bacon, shallot, New Forest chestnut mushrooms, bound with red wine sauce on Old Winchester gratin with Flambard’s free range eggs 7.5

Eggs your way
poached? scrambled? fried? You choose how your Flambard’s free range eggs are cooked, served on charred Bakehouse 24 sourdough 

Dorsetshire Rarebit
Eight Arch rarebit with Dorsetshire sauce, smothered on fresh baked croissant & grilled with fresh herbs 6
Additions: Denhay DC bacon lardons (2.5) or coastal cheddar (1.5) or roasted Sopley squash (1.5)

Smashed Avocado
on charred Bakehouse 24 sourdough, crushed & toasted sunflower seeds, harissa oil, chives 7.5
Additions: Flambard’s free range eggs (1.5) or Denhay DC bacon (2.5) or cold smoked Chalkstream® trout (2.5)

Urban Baked Eggs
roasted tomato sauce, pulled oats, beetroot, Flambard’s free range eggs, Bloody Mary mayo 

hearty jumbo oats porridge (non-dairy available) topped with either: honey or cinnamon or dried fruit 4.5 




Hot drinks

(All our hot drinks are made using semi skimmed milk)
Our coffee is epic. It will make your day better. You’ll find it easier to open your eyes, easier to talk to people, easier to tolerate nonsense. Really, it should be prescribed on the NHS. You won’t find it anywhere else. It’s better than Fairtrade.

Our own exclusive blend from Bad Hand Coffee 2.2
Our espresso lengthened with water, served with or without milk 2.8
Our espresso topped with equal measures of hot milk & luxurious rich foam topped with a light dusting of chocolate powder 2.8
Our espresso served with lashings of hot silky milk 2.8
Flat white
Our espresso served with velvety micro-foam milk 2.8
Hot Chocolate / Mocha
Rich hot chocolate, espresso & steamed milk 2.9
Dorset Tea infusions
Dorset Tea / Earl of Dorset / Green / Wild About Mint / Sunshine lemon & Ginger / Foraged Fruits / Camomile/ Decaf 2


Berry Energiser
Blackcurrants, blackberries, strawberries, apple juice 3.6
Green Machine
Broccoli, banana, spinach, celery, pineapple, apple juice 3.6
Fresh Juice
Freshly squeezed orange juice or pressed apple juice 2.9

Morning recommendations from our drinks list

Bloody Mary 
Wasabi Vodka, Quentin’s Mary Mixer & Isle of Wight Tomato Juice makes this our truly local take on a cocktail classic 

Breakfast Martini 
Ketel One Citron, Ketel One Oranje, marmalade, lemon juice 8

Mano Di Fiori Prosecco 
light, crisp Italian, with green apple, acacia blossom & apricot flavours 28 

(V) vegetarian dish or option available |(PP) Plant powered and vegan| (GF) gluten free | (GO) gluten free option available – please ask your server.

If you have any allergen queries then just ask and we will gladly advise. If there is something else that you want that isn’t on the menu please ask a member of staff.


Open seven days a week

Breakfast daily 8.00am - 11.30am     Food served 12.00pm - 10.00pm       Bar closes at 11.00pm

Breakfast daily 8.00am - 11.30am
Food served 12.00pm - 10.00pm
Bar closes at 11.00pm

Whether you're popping in for a Sunday lunch with family, a bite to eat with friends or a romantic dinner for two, you can book a table or a room with us.





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