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Pre-authorisation Notice

Important information for you regarding your credit/debit card.

Urban Beach hotel requires ‘all’ guests to provide a valid credit or debit card on check-in. We will pre-authorise your card for £100 per room.

A ‘pre-authorisation’ is not a charge. Your bank/credit card company holds the amount temporarily from the available balance on your account. Pre-authorisation is a common process followed by many smaller and big brand Hotels in the UK at check-in.

The way it works is that a pre-authorisation request is made by our card terminal to your bank, your bank/credit card company authorises the funds and sends an authorisation code back to us. This confirms the availability of funds in the account to cover charges in the hotel (if any).

During your stay you can settle any incidentals and on check out, pay with this card or a different one. We won’t then use the pre-authorised amount and after 5-7 days your bank/credit card release the funds back to you. (This time frame is set by the banks. If your bank is outside the UK, it may be slightly longer).

We cannot take responsibility for any bank or credit card charges should your account become overdrawn as a result of this.

If you have any queries or problems regarding the pre-authorisation after check out please contact your issuing bank/credit card company.

Urban Beach Hotel Ltd.
23 Argyll, Boscombe, Bournemouth, BH5 1EB. 01202 301509.

Key facts:
– We ask all guests to do this.
– If your stay is pre-paid or settled by a third party, we still require pre-authorisation.
– No money is taken from your card, but it might show as a ‘pending transaction’ temporarily reducing your balance.
– Banks normally release the funds after 7 days.
– You can use a different card to pay your bill.
– We love you and thank you for choosing Urban Beach for your stay in Bournemouth x

We want you to be totally happy during your stay, so if you have any concerns or questions about pre-authorisation, please chat to one of us about it.


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Urban Beach Hotel Ltd. 23 Argyll Road, Bournemouth, BH5 1EB.

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